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An ecological park full of things to do in Arenal

What begin as a tourist family project in a forest that used to have cattle and farm purposes, became in one of the top places to visit in Arenal not only because of the wildlife watching experience it oers itself but also because of the
contact with the Solano family and sons, the owners and founders who have lived in La Fortuna area since the rest volcano eruptions appeared in 1968.

When visiting our nature trails and excursions you have a unique opporunity to met and talk with authentic local people in Costa Rica who happily receive you and, with a warm hospitality, make you feel part of their family.

Is this combination of personalized experiences that together with the rainforest nature highli ghts at the base of the Arenal Volcano area what have rated us like the best tour provider with hotspots for birding, trails for sloth watching and family friendly experiences.

Supporting Local Projects in Arenal Volcano area

Together with the empoyement we create to locals, as part of our social responsibility with the local business we oer a souvenir store near La Fortuna where local artisan ́s products are promoted.

If you are looking for a place where to buy local crafts we gurantee 100% hand made souvenirs for you to have a contact with local cultures.



Only 700 meters away from La Fortuna park, our trails near to town are very easy to explore.

From family friendly activities, tours for solo travellers and experiences ideal for couples, we have the most popular
tours in the Arenal area, Costa Rica.

Hiking in Arenal Volcano area?

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Meet Our Team

Segio Rodríguez

Tour Guide

Team La Fortuna Hikes-21

Claudio Solano


Team La Fortuna TRails-16

Nelson Solano

General Manager

Team La Fortuna Hikes-24

Fidelia Solano


Team La Fortuna TRails-20

Elith Oviedo


Team La Fortuna Hikes-22

Juan Cajina


Team La Fortuna TRails-18

Lorenzo Solano

Operation Manager

Team La Fortuna Hikes-23

Alondra Rodríguez


We are a family team dedicated to the conservation of our culture and nature

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