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Bird watching Tour in La Fortuna - Dive into Avian Beauty: Arenal Bird Watching Tour

Embark on a captivating journey into the vibrant avian world of Costa Rica with our Arenal Bird Watching Tour. Guided by seasoned experts, seize the opportunity to capture unique moments with diverse species in their natural habitats. Immerse yourself in the melodies of local birds and learn about our conservation efforts, all while relishing the perfect blend of nature in a tropical paradise. The Bird Watching Trail spans approximately 1.5 kilometers, featuring open areas surrounding the forest, along with lakes and small natural water mirrors. These provide an ideal setting to observe more than 30 bird species in a single day. Our dedicated perch area for various bird types creates a special stage where photographers and bird enthusiasts can spend an entire day, awaiting that perfect moment and photo to carry home—a truly unique and special experience. As the tour concludes, indulge in the art of Costa Rican culinary traditions. Join us for tortilla-making classes and the extraction of sugarcane juice, allowing visitors to savor a small snack before bidding farewell. A journey not just through nature but a celebration of avian wonders and cultural delights awaits you on our Arenal Bird Watching Tour. Join us for an unforgettable experience that transcends observation, turning moments into memories.

  • Expert-Guided Birdwatching: Led by experienced guides, immerse yourself in the world of Costa Rican birds. Explore various species in their diverse natural habitats while gaining valuable insights into their behaviors, habits, and the rich birdlife of the region.

  • Capture Unique Moments: This tour is a paradise for photography enthusiasts. With expert guidance, seize the opportunity to capture breathtaking moments of a wide array of bird species in their natural environment. Each snapshot is a unique and memorable glimpse into the vibrant world of Costa Rican birds.

  • Conservation Focus: Learn not only about the birds but also about local conservation efforts. The tour is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of preserving bird habitats. It's a seamless blend of nature appreciation and environmental awareness, contributing to the ongoing conservation project in the region.
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children: $36

Adults: $65

Seniors: $65

  • Every day 5:30 am

Comfortable Clothing: Wear lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for the weather. Consider moisture-wicking fabrics to stay cool.
• Sturdy Walking Shoes: Choose comfortable and supportive shoes suitable for the terrain. Sneakers or hiking shoes work well for easy walks.
• Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun.
• Daypack or Bag: Carry a small backpack to keep your hands free, where you can store your essentials.
• Weather Appropriate Gear: Check the weather forecast and bring a light jacket, raincoat, or umbrella if needed.
• Bug Repellent: Depending on the location and time of day, insect repellent can be useful.
• Camera or Smartphone: Capture the beauty of your surroundings with a camera or smartphone.

  1. What makes Bird Watching Tours in La Fortuna a must for tourists seeking emotional connections with nature?
    • Our Bird Watching Tours offer more than just sightings; they immerse you in a world of enchanting melodies and vibrant plumage, creating emotional bonds with the diverse birdlife of La Fortuna.
  2. Can beginners enjoy Bird Watching Tours, or is it for experienced bird watchers only?
    • Absolutely! Our tours cater to all levels of bird enthusiasts. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced watcher, the joy of spotting unique avian species in La Fortuna is an emotional journey open to everyone.
  3. How do the guides enhance the emotional experience of Bird Watching Tours in La Fortuna?
    • Our passionate guides not only identify birds but share fascinating stories about their behavior and significance in local culture, adding emotional depth to every sighting and making it a truly memorable experience.
  4. Are there specific seasons that enhance the emotional impact of Bird Watching Tours in La Fortuna?
    • Each season brings its own emotional allure. From the vibrant colors of migratory birds in spring to the cozy serenity of winter, every visit to La Fortuna offers a unique emotional journey through its avian wonders.
  5. Can families with children enjoy the emotional richness of Bird Watching Tours in La Fortuna?
    • Absolutely! Bird Watching Tours are family-friendly, providing an educational and emotionally rewarding experience for children. It’s a chance for families to bond over the wonder of nature.
  6. What emotions do tourists commonly express after Bird Watching Tours in La Fortuna?
    • Visitors often leave with hearts full of joy, gratitude, and a sense of awe. The emotional connection forged with the feathered residents of La Fortuna lingers, creating enduring memories.
  7. Can I expect emotional surprises during Bird Watching Tours, such as rare bird sightings?
    • Certainly! La Fortuna’s rich biodiversity ensures surprises at every turn. The unexpected thrill of spotting a rare bird can evoke emotions of excitement and wonder, adding a special touch to your tour.
  8. Are there any heartwarming anecdotes from tourists about their Bird Watching Tour experiences in La Fortuna?
    • One touching story involves a family who, during a tour, witnessed a bird teaching its fledglings to fly. The shared moment of growth and learning left an indelible mark, showcasing the emotional depth these tours can offer.
  9. How does the natural setting in La Fortuna contribute to the emotional impact of Bird Watching Tours?
    • The lush rainforest, complemented by the symphony of nature, creates a serene backdrop for Bird Watching Tours. The emotional impact is heightened as you become part of the harmonious dance between birds and their surroundings.
  10. Can I book a private Bird Watching Tour for a more intimate and emotional experience?
    • Certainly! Private Bird Watching Tours offer a more personalized encounter with La Fortuna’s avian wonders. It’s an opportunity to create emotional memories exclusively tailored to your preferences.
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Client 1 of La Fortuna Hikes and Trails

Johanna Meier

This tour was one of the highlights of any vacation I’ve been on. Sergio and Don Claudio gave us a tour of the property and showed us a variety of rare animals and plants we would have otherwise missed. They were so knowledgeable and truly personalized the tour to our interests. We love that it felt like a genuinely immersive local experience and it was a wonderful intro to La Fortuna. The baby sloths wegot to capture in their natural habitat was an incredible experience. We also got to make our own tortillas with Grandma Elieth which were delicious. We felt so welcome by everyone and were lucky enough to have a private tour. We couldn’t recommend this experience more!

Ronja Ehmann

Forget any other “sloth spotting” tour. This is the real deal. I booked a spot on the 8.30am tour the day before and as I was the only one got a private tour by guide Sergio and the owner himself, don Claudio. Sergio is crazy knowledgable about the flora and fauna (turns out history as well) and don Claudio has eagle eyes for spotting even the best hidden animal. Saw 5 sloths in total, including ababy. The tour concluded with some freshly pressed cane juice, making my own tortilla with the owner’s lovely wife Eliette, and being served the cooked tortilla together with a full meal and fresh lemonade. Enjoyed my feast while watching the different birds enjoy ripe bananas. The property is so well taken cared of and cherished by the owners, who are the most humble and friendly people you’ll meet. It is and feels like a family business, super warm and welcoming. I cannot recommend this tour enough. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the whole 2,5-3h experience only costs US$32.

Rachel Van der Werf

What a wonderful experience! Our concierge recommended this family run business due to the natural environment the animals are kept in. Our guide Andre and his granddad (aka Eagle Eye because he can spot so many animals) were terrific tour guides. So much knowledge about the flora and fauna, we could not have asked for a better tour. We saw different sloths, very colorful andpoisonous frogs, birds and so on. Our tour ended with a very tasty local lunch with tortillas we made ourselves. Highly recommended!

einat cohen

This was definitely a highlight in our trip. We came here because of the rain and were so happy to land here. We saw sloths, frogs, birds, basilisks and a bat. Don Carlos knew all the right places to look at and our guide was knowledgeable and patient to answer all question. He brought a telescope so we could see all animals up closed and all members of the family gave us the most welcoming experience.
Highly recommended!

Erin Obermeier

Wonderful tour with a private, not crowded, authentic experience. We loved our tour — we saw lots of sloths and birds, frogs, lizards, flowers, etc. This is a family-run business and everyone was so kind and knowledgeable, took their time, and made sure my daughter could see out of the telescope each time, etc. We loved making our own tortillas and sugar cane juice at the end, and the food wasdelicious. We would definitely recommend you visit Mariolas!

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